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Do You Ever Wonder “When Should I Sell My Business?”

Every business owner has unique wants and needs when it comes to selling or exiting from their business. The only thing that all business owners have in common is that 100% of them will be leaving their businesses at some future time, whether planned or unplanned, voluntarily or involuntarily.


It’s safe to say that in general, successful business exits are those that are voluntary and are planned to achieve the business owners financial and non-financial objectives.  


There are many questions a business owner needs to address in planning for a successful business exit.

>When do you want to exit from your business?

>How much money do you want or need from the sale?

>Do you want to sell to a company insider like a key employee or a business active child?


>Or, would you rather sell to an outside third party?

>How ready are you to transition your ownership?

>How ready is the business to be sold?

>​If you were unavailable to handle business matters for three months, would the business be able to survive without you?



If you’re thinking about selling your business this year or within the next five years, now is the time to start planning for your successful exit. We have tools, resources, online courses and coaching programs available for you and our professional business advisors will help you navigate the process so you can get to the finish line and achieve your successful business sale or ownership transfer.

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